We focus on providing the highest level of health and wellness through science based medicine.

Preventive Care

• Physicals for adults, school, and sports evaluations
• Daycare and Camp Physicals
• Infant and Child Exams and Vaccinations
• DOT Physicals
• Sexual Transmitted Disease Tests

Women’s Health

• Annual Exams
• PAP Smears
• Nexplanon Placement
• Diagnosis and treatment of Gynecological Problems
• Birth Control Management

Management of Chronic Medical Conditions

• High blood pressure
• High Cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Digestive disorders
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Headaches
• Arthritis
• Skin Disorders
• Thyroid abnormalities
• COPD/Emphysema

Diagnosis and Management of Acute Illness

• Colds and Flu
• Respiratory Infection
• Throat and Ear infection
• Allergic Reactions
• Bone and Joint Pain and Injuries
• Skin Burns and Lacerations
• Bladder infections
• Gastrointestinal Issues

Procedures Done In Clinic

• EKG 
• Spirometry for breathing disorders
• Nexplanon Placement
• Skin Biopsies
• Wart and Mole Removal
• Fingernail/Toenail Removal
• Sutures for Laceration Repair
• Trigger Point and Joint Injections
• Ear Wax Cleaning and Removal of Objects from Ear

On-Site Blood Draws

• Cholesterol Checks
• Liver Function Tests
• Kidney Function Tests
• Electrolytes
• Hemoglobin A1C for Diabetes Monitoring
• INR for Coumadin/Warfarin Management

We also refer to appropriate specialists when necessary. If you have any questions about services we offer that are not listed then feel free to call the office.

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Preventative Care • Womens Health • Management of Chronic Conditions • Diagnosis & Management of Acute Illness
• Blood Draws • Physicals • In-Clinic Procedures • Vaccinations • STD Testing • Exams

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